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To change up your classic potato dishes, why not dare to try sweet potatoes.Sneak veggies into any meal with Quick and Crispy Vegetable Fritters that come together in minutes and pair perfectly with a cool dollop of sour cream or.

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Put them center stage, like in our satisfying Eggplant, Zucchini, and Tomato Tian.We collected this go-to list of Thanksgiving vegetable side dishes to make your holiday planning a little easier.I roast these sweet potato fries when I want a fun and different side.Try these totally delish recipes for grilled vegetables at your next summer cookout.Add fun to your Christmas table with one of these great veggie tray ideas.

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This family-favorite side dish is quick to fix and full of flavor.

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Try any of our chef-driven seasonal menu offerings for breakfast, lunch or dinner.We love it for leftovers, too. —Catherine Turnbull, Burlington, Ontario.

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Experiment something new with our delicious and savoury vegetable side dish recipes.For the longest time, I was that person who steered clear of broccoli salad.

This deeply delicious recipe is a surefire way to get my husband to enjoy Brussels sprouts.Even though it is called a side dish...Burger King sides, Buffalo Chicken Strips, Chicken Nuggets, French Fries, Onion Rings, Apple Slices, Hash Browns, Garden Side Salad.

This classic combination of peas and carrots is enriched with a handful of flavor enhancers.This is definitely a favorite. —Juliette Mulholland, Corvallis, Oregon.My vegetarian and vegan friends are especially big fans. —Maiah Miller, Monterey, California.Roasting the cauliflower adds deep flavor and gives it an irresistible crunch. —Courtney Stultz, Weir, Kansas.While my children were always very willing eaters, I came up with this recipe to get them to eat more veggies and enjoy it.I came up with this easy salad while brainstorming light, protein-filled recipes.

My youngest daughter recently learned she has to avoid gluten, dairy and eggs, which gave me a new challenge in the kitchen.They make a cheerful salad with a tangy dressing. —Courtney Stultz, Weir, Kansas.

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A rich Mexican stuffed poblano peppers recipe with black beans and cheese.It just so happens to be crazy delicious and it also happens to entice my kids to try vegetables that they would otherwise turn their.I put this quinoa salad together as a side we could all share.You need to get in your vegetables, but are tired of the same boring dishes.

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