The IRS, those benevelont watchdogs of the revenue code, have once again become entangled in their own regulations.

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I walked very gingerly into the Oasis and sat down on a chair while I drank a root beer.Ritzpics.com has two name servers, one mail server and three IP numbers.

This left me on the side of the gully with the bike laying against the embankment.Slowly back to the bike, feeling like 110 years old, I mounted and finished the ride back to North Aurora.

Keep your business name in front of your customers longer with logo.After lunch, I headed out on Rte 17 to get back to the Interstate.

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At the last minute, two people on a BMW motorcycle cut in front of me and stopped at the pump, leaving me with virtually nowhere to go.

It was a beautiful day for a ride except for the idiots on the road.

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Unfortunately, when I stopped at the pump my wheel was turned into it and both the bike and I fell against the pump.By their own admission, they have instituted new fraud detection software this year.Now the kids are squabbling about when and where to hold her memorial service as she has already been cremated.

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Was anyone looking when they started this disasterous movement.

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Occasionally, I take a shot that is worthy of enlarging to 8x10 or larger.

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This is not the first time that refunds have been delayed due to beaurocratic non-attendance.I turned right onto the side road then left behind the pickup to enter the gas station, intending to stop on the right side of the pump.

The driver of the BMW quickly came to my aid and helped right the bike with, I thought, no damage.I pulled directly into the garage and shut it down, where it currently sits, waiting for me to get up the nerve to ride it again.I am looking for good quality in multiple sizes up to 8 X 10.

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