The holes for the tower and the CO2 line-in were predrilled which made things a bit easier (or so I thought.continue reading).Overall I am pretty happy with my purchase and how things went.The big complaint that many people had is that the temperature of the unit does not get low enough straight out of the box.

Check the main kegerator deals page for most recent s and codes you can also save 15 on your first order with build com credit next we have the highly rated and.If you ever run into issues with a keg being slightly too tall pick up one of these.The model I got was the BR2000SS, which has the stainless steel door.I ordered a subwoofer port tube off of ebay and cut it to size and inserted it in the hole.

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With the tower securely mounted I then turned my attention to mounting the CO2 tank and running the lines to the interior of the fridge.


BeverageFactory.com features the largest selection of Residential and Commercial grade Kegerators anywhere.

We specialize in upgrading and customizing all our keg dispensers and can upgrade any model to dispense 2 to 3 kegs.To run the kegs at lower CO2 levels would most certainly flatten the beer over time.Skip to content Leader in Refrigeration and Specialty Appliances Search Call toll free 1-800-263-2629.

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Had I been drilling a brand new hole this process would have been as simple as using a hole saw, but since there was already a hole there it was a much bigger pain in the ass.

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After further research I confirmed that it did, as this is the exact same fridge Edgestar uses for their prefabricated dual tap model (KC2000TWIN).I am not one to just settle for something I am going to spend a bit of moolah on,, so therefore I decided I would dive into the realm of custom kegerator building.

What I found was that while the refrigerator cabinets often worked well for many of the models I looked at, the supplied hardware (tower, faucets, regulator, etc.) were generally subpar.However, stouts such as Guinness and cold brew coffees use Nitrogen as a propellant.BeerAdvocate is a proud supporter of independent craft brewers.I had read that there was absolutely no coolant lines running through the top of the cabinet, but I called Edgestar just to make sure and they confirmed it.

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It sticks out a tiny bit from the edge of the fridge, but effectively covers up the hack job I did with the dremel and looks pretty damn good in my opinion.Founded in 1996, BeerAdvocate is your go-to resource for beer.On mine the tower is bolted into place and not twisted, but I do know some of the Edgestar kegerators do have the twist on towers.

The 525 faucets are partially to blame, forward closing faucets flow faster and aggravate the foam issue.When set at 10-12 psi the beer basically explodes from the faucet, leaving half a glass of foam.

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In order to run two lines in (so I could run 2 separate pressures) I would have to make the hole larger.An extra foot or two will slow it down while allowing you to keep balanced.How to Use Kegerator Coupons Sign up for the Kegerator email list to get news of deals that are available via email only.

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