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Looking back, a number of things that seemed like good ideas at the time were doomed from the start.

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The flames, ignited by the Kauai, Hawaii, county police and state officials, devoured homes, churches and community gardens that stretched through seven acres of sandy beach and shaded jungle.

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Levi, Gideon, Wesley, and Charlie are some examples off the top of my head.Hippie Havens The following is a list of places where there exists a sizable hippy population, where there is tolerance towards hippies, where hippies are free to pursue their lifestyle with community support.Let’s get started!.The top 100 names according to the Social Security Administration boast the hippie-inspired Grace, Lily, Savannah, Angel, Jasmine, Destiny, Trinity, Autumn, Faith and Genesis.

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There are so many names that you will be able to find something that you love completely.This theme is ideal for all age groups, for example for an adult 60th birthday, the guest of honor most likely would have been in their teens or early 20s during the height of the Hippie days, and could provide an enjoyable time down memory lane.

26 Times Parents Picked Ridiculous Names For Their Kids

100 best baby names for earthy/hippie moms

Let me tell you about a place called Taylor Camp, a tropical ocean-front utopia without rules, politics or bills to pay.Many of the words passed around among hippies were from other cultures, particularly India.I yoinked this list from another blog (one of my faves: Oh Happy Day.

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We have bohemian baby names, earthy hippie baby names, and alternative baby names, all together in one place along with their meanings.Thus catchy names like Acid, Purple Haze, and Orange Sunshine made the drug sound more appealing.

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Alternative baby names. earthy hippie baby names bohemian baby names bohemian boy names hippie name generator funny hippie names hippie names for instagram earthy baby boy names list of gender neutral names unisex baby names 2016 androgynous baby names top 100 unisex baby names cool unisex names cute unisex names unisex pet names unisex names that start with j hippie baby names boy.Baby Names For the perfect baby girl or baby boy name, check out our fun resources.

Search Baby Names - Easy to find baby names, meanings, and origins for boys and girls.She is the season of all good things, so garland her with daisies and let the sun shine.

But real quick: Couple of chicks I know have kids and named them probably the worst names ever.

By the time I went to college in the Fall of 1968, my entire clothing style changed.We found 101 names we love from around the world to help you with the search.MomJunction has compiled a cozy list of quirky hippie baby names for girls and boys.

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Hippie names are unconventional and ideal for your free spirited baby.

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