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Clean Magic Eraser to gently scrub away the gunky buildup on plastic and glass.Remove Stickers- I can usually get a sticker off of jars and plastic, but sometimes the residue can be a huge pain to try to remove.Grass Stains on Shoes- Use a Magic Eraser to gently wipe away grass stains on the soles of your shoes.The Magic Eraser works especially well on synthetic fibers such as vinyl, nylon, viscose, Lycra, and other blends.

The Mr. Clean Original Magic Erasers are made of cellulose and synthetic material and is great for cleaning soap scum, dirt, grime, scuff marks and more.Throw away after several uses or when the eraser begins to disintegrate.Melamine foam is a foam-like material consisting of a formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer.Cleaning your whitewall tires starts with buying a good, all-natural tire cleaner and devoting time to scrubbing them.

It is eye opening how quickly the Magic Eraser can remove items from its tiny fibers are able to get into where dirt and marks are hiding, scraping them away.This foam sponge is actually made of very small but hard fibers that scratch the dirt from the surface and trap it in the open spaces in the foam.Bobby Jones, Walter and Edwin Hawkins, Ben Tankard, Tremaine Hawkins, Bishop Paul S.

Play along with guitar, ukulele, or piano with interactive chords and diagrams.Bobby Jones, Walter and Edwin Hawkins, Ben Tankard, Tramaine Hawkins, Bishop Paul S.Clean Magic Erasers are highly effective on many surfaces including walls, ceiling vents, baseboards, blinds, bathtubs, and many other places in the home.Mr Clean shows off his dance moves in a tight-fitting pair of white pants.Clean products but the effectiveness of an all-purpose eraser is a bit questionable.

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Dirt, stains, and soap scum that would have taken scrubbing and or repainting disappeared in just a few wipes of the eraser during our tests.

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Chunks of the foam could be a choking or digestive hazard for small children and pets.Texture-painted walls, such as those with a troweled finish, can be dust catchers and might require deeper cleaning.Unlikely candidates for use are glossy paint and finished wood.

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Wash walls painted with oil-based paint in the same manner, substituting detergent solution (see below) for the cleaner or white vinegar mixture.

Following the directions on the box, I added water, squeezed out the excess, and headed for the nearest crayon mural.The deep penetrating action of the Magic Eraser Mop lifts away grime and dirt trapped in grooves of the surfaces so that your floors truly shine.

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After wiping down most of the house, I learned a few important things about Mr.This happens because unlike many other cleaners, there is not added cleaner to the magic eraser.Because the eraser works by scrubbing at the surface with tiny but extremely hard threads, you should not use on highly glossy or satin finishes. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is not appropriate for paneling or wood finished surfaces.

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The tiny fibers are able to reach into small places and pull out the orange residue.

For a slightly longer cleaning method, we recommend good old Mr.

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Clean Red White Magic Eraser All Purpose Handy Grip Kit Removes 4x Grime.STK 20 Pack Extra Thick Magic Cleaning Pads - Eraser Sponge for All Surfaces - Kitchen-Bathroom-Furniture-Leather-Car-Steel - Just Add Water to Erase All Dirt - Melamine - Universal Cleaner.


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